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Automate your
work using our
LMS integrations

Acadly’s LMS integrations help instructors sync course data and help administrators get a bird’s eye view of their institution

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Twin-LMS integrations

Acadly Enterprise comes with two LMS integrations that simplify work for all stakeholders at the university
For instructors
  • Skip course setup by automatically importing courses from your LMS
  • Sync enrollment - no need to enroll students or manage add/drop
  • Import Acadly data to your LMS
  • Export attendance statistics to the LMS gradebook
  • Get early alerts for at-risk students in your own courses
  • Get student behavior analytics for  students in your courses
For admins
  • Set up courses for instructors and give them a plug-n-play experience
  • Sync enrollment - no need to enroll students or manage add/drop
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Acadly usage at your university
  • Track attendance at an individual and a course level
  • Get early alerts for at-risk students in the entire institution
  • Get student behavior analytics for all students across all courses

Apply for the free university
introduction program

The university introduction program helps universities evaluate Acadly, gather feedback from instructors and administrators, and offer end-users an experience similar to the Enterprise experience.
  • Get access to all teaching & learning features, including our Zoom integration
  • Provide a plug-and-play experience to your professors
  • Get weekly reports on key performance indicators and usage parameters
Find out how Acadly fits your needs

Growth pricing to suit your scale

Acadly’s pricing depends of the number of users at your institution. Whether it’s meant for 500 students or 50,000, we’ve got you covered.

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Pick the support tier suited to your institution

Onboarding emails for instructors
Open-to-all training webinars for instructors
Access to Help Center and common training videos
In-app “Feedback” and email support
1-on-1 onboarding sessions for instructors
Targeted in-app surveys for instructors
Dedicated support website for your university
Custom monthly newsletters for active users with tips and tricks
Proactive support emails initiated by the Acadly team
Assistance drafting case studies with instructors
Special training videos made using the university’s LMS

Get real-time alerts based on what’s happening during lectures

Get all the raw data
View complete attendance and engagement records for every student enrolled in an Acadly course
Get processed early alerts
View alerts generated automatically based on students’ participation, performance, and attendance

Unlock Acadly with Zoom
for everyone

Acadly’s Zoom integration helps instructors teach interactive online and hybrid classes. Acadly Enterprise includes the option to unlock Zoom integration for all instructors at your institution.
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Respond to health situations
effectively and quickly

Respond to health situations
effectively and quickly

Get real-time data on exposure and health risk, notify relevant people, and ensure timely intervention.

Get compliance ready

Get ready-to-view reports of class attendance, engagement and participation for Title IV regulations and compliance audits
Attendance reports
Use attendance data to check for policy deviations and stay Title IV compliant.
LMS gradebook syncing
Automate data flows of learning data to your LMS gradebook for ready access.
Digitized records
Never face trouble finding data trails for audits with digitized records on your LMS with Acadly.

Safe, accessible, and mindful of privacy

  • Secure, safe, and hosted in your region: HECVAT Lite available on demand
  • Accessible by design: We strive to meet WCAG’s AA level of accessibility. VPAT available on demand.
  • Screen-reader compatible: Works with macOS’ Voiceover and JAWS on PC
  • GDPR and FERPA compliant: Talk to us to review our student data privacy agreements

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