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Engage students and automate attendance in in-person, online, and hybrid classes.

Acadly is a classroom response and attendance automation system with polls, quizzes, word clouds, discussion forum and Zoom integration.

Engage students and automate attendance in
any kind of class

Live activities such as polls, quizzes, chat and q&a on Acadly.

Share live activities

Automatic attendance tracking

Automate attendance

Zoom integration with live engagement activities

Engage remote students

LMS integration and easy data exports

Integrate with LMS

Try the live engagement platform trusted by
over 400 US universities.

Used at more than 400 US universities.

Try Acadly Enterprise for institutional adoption

Acadly Enterprise helps instructors streamline administrative
tasks and reporting, as well as helps administrators get insights
on learning across the institution.

Class types in which you could use Acadly

Acadly being used in in-person teaching


  • Engage learners across the room equally
  • Measure attendance with a tap, without any additional hardware or GPS tracking
  • Encourage discussions and Q&A using backchannels
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Student learning online using Acadly


  • Get unprecedented learner engagement on Zoom
  • Track real attendance with “are you here” prompts, without having to download time logs
  • Encourage continuous learning with interactive lecture playback
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Acadly being used in hybrid learning


  • Achieve true equivalence for all learners
  • Make the same engagement tools available across all modes of learning
  • Measure attendance with location context included
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A suite of products built for your needs

Plug - Adapt - Play.

For higher-ed


Acadly helps higher-ed instructors engage students and automate attendance. It integrates with Zoom and LMSs and gives universities the tools they need to help students succeed Learn More

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Acadly helps professors engage students and track attendance automatically.
Acadly Here is a versatile automatic attendance tracking app.

For everyone

Acadly Here

Acadly Here is an attendance automation solution that discovers people in physical proximity to the attendance-taker. It is simple, cost-effective, and rapidly deployable anywhere. Learn More

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For everyone

Acadly Engage (coming soon)

Acadly Engage helps corporate learning and development professionals make training interactive and data-driven. Capture learning progress, outcomes, and engagement like never before.Learn More

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Acadly Engage is an audience response and attendance automation system.

Why instructors around the world love Acadly

Professor Ron Bolen's review of Acadly

The automatic attendance feature on Acadly works as advertised! For my class of 113 students, it saves us over 30 minutes of administrative time per lecture.

Ron Bolen, University of Alabama Huntsville

Prof. Natalie Mountjoy's review of Acadly

I needed a painless, free way to monitor attendance... and an efficient way for my students to quickly submit in-class work. I could not believe what I found in Acadly... how easy it was to set up my huge roster and get going!

Natalie Mountjoy, Western Kentucky University

Prof. Christine Julien's review of Acadly

I think using Acadly discussions for students to respond in-class gave them confidence that their ideas or thoughts had merit. Using polls was also really useful to gauge the students opinions on a topic.

Christine Julien, University of Texas Austin

Prof. Jaap Vos' review of Acadly

Acadly really extends the timeframe of learning... Instead of learning in terms of contact hours, it is now about reading the stuff beforehand, having discussions before class, doing things inside the class and after the class as well.

Jaap Vos, University of Idaho

Dr. Preeti Aghalayam's review of Acadly

I am structuring courses better, thanks to Acadly. I like that it works on my phone and laptop. I like its TeX interface for math and the ability to add images. Tracking attendance, sharing quizzes don’t take as much time as they used to!

Dr. Preeti Aghalayam, IIT Madras

Prof. Julie Eyink's review of Acadly

Acadly lets me quickly assess knowledge during class and address common issues. The polls also give students some practice for exam questions, keep them engaged, and help them participate in a less nerve-wracking way.

Julie Eyink, University of Southern Indiana

What is Acadly made of?

In-person attendance
Privacy-first, automatic attendance
using bluetooth and internet
Online attendance
Realtime attendance with in-video
“Are you here?” prompts
Dynamic engagement with polling,
quizzes, word clouds
Zoom integration
Seamless video conferencing with
engagement tools for online learning
LMS integration
Twin plug-ins for instructors and
Round-the-clock learning
Interactive lecture playback and open discussion forums pre and post class
LaTeX compatible
Option to include mathematical
equations in quiz questions
Interactive recordings
Lecture playback with all in-class
activities and resources on one platform
Enhanced Breakouts
Breakout rooms with polls, quizzes,
word clouds, discussions and inter-
room communication
Contact tracing
Spatial analytics for swift contact
tracing and immediate notifications
to exposed individuals
Enhanced chat abilities for backchanneling
and Q&A
Learner dashboards with class participation, performance and attendance data
Hybrid classes
True equivalence for both in-person
and online attendees
Options to delegate attendance or
backchanneling to co-instructors/ TAs
Extra credits
Point reward systems for learner
Early Alerts
Notifications about at-risk students
to aid retention and prevent drop-
VPAT (Level AA) available for everyone to
view here

Ready to deliver a smarter

Professor looking at student reports

Taking you to Acadly