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Bring together the
art and science of teaching

Bring together the art and
science of teaching

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Save up to 20x time with automatic attendance

Secure, rapid, and privacy-first mesh-network based attendance technology for in-person classes. On-screen prompt-based attendance technology for online  classes.

Automatic attendance on Acadly - instructor's view and student's view
Poll on Acadly

Encourage learner opinions to come forward with polls

Demolish the disparities in class participation with classroom polls (including anonymous options)

Find out what’s trending amongst your learners, with dynamic word clouds

Generate dynamic word clouds from the discussion activities which keep getting automatically updated as newer comments are published by learners.

Word cloud on Acadly
Quizzes on Acadly with multiple question formats

Evaluate class comprehension real-time with quizzes

Ask multiple-choice, true/false and free-text response questions to understand whether learners are up to speed.

Encourage discourse and peer
learning via backchannels

Mitigate the 80/20 problem of class discussions by facilitating silent digital conversations, allowing moderated anonymity and rewarding class participation

Backchanneling on Acadly, with image and file attachments allowed.
Pre-class and post class activities on Acadly

Facilitate continuous learning,
before and after class

Learning need not be time-bound! share learning content, preparatory material, lecture summaries and post-class student queries - anytime.

Analyse learner performance at a

Unravel data-based insights with Acadly’s 3P learning analytics that
measure preparation, participation and performance, collated onto your dashboard to view learner performance over time, with comprehensive student-wise and question-wise analytics.

Student-wise and lecture-wise analytics on Acadly
Same platform for in-person and remote students to engage and interact on, with the zoom integration on Acadly. Online learners watch the lecture video realtime and interact with their in-person peers through Acadly.

Enable learning from anywhere, be it in-person or online

Our seamless zoom integration powers the video conferencing, and Acadly adds on-screen interactivity options like polls, quizzes, word clouds, discussions, and more.

One upload is all it takes (to fall in
love with us!)

Reuse course content from previous sessions or semesters for new classes, convert courses from in-person to hybrid, replicate activities from one session to another with a click.

Course content and activities can be duplicated for other classes or semesters, on Acadly
Course admins can add collaborators such as class in-charge, teaching assistants or co-instructors and delegate tasks to them .

Who’s got the time? Well, your TA does!

Never worry about losing time on administrative tasks by delegating attendance and reward points to your class assistant - just add them to your team on Acadly!

Forget all about administrative
chores with automated workflows

Forget all about administrative
chores with automated workflows

Acadly’s twin plugins allows admins to set up courses and view all course data, and helps professors sync the class roster, attendance data, quiz scores, poll participation, & discussion stats to the LMS.

Acadly's LMS plugin consolidates course data, attendance, participation and discussion stats on the LMS dashboard.
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