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Features that make Acadly
Automatic Attendance that saves you time
  • Proprietary Mesh Network based technology that works anywhere with internet
  • Record attendance status for any number of students in less than a minute, simply and securely
  • Get assured high accuracy with unlimited retakes and option to manually rectify results
  • Export attendance records to a spreadsheet at a tap of a button
  • Help students be aware and mindful with realtime and on-demand attendance reports for self-evaluation
Realtime Polls to increase and record student engagement
  • Feel the buzz go around the classroom every time you teach with Acadly’s realtime polls
  • Gamify polling with an on-screen timer and incentivize discussion with a dedicated chat channel
  • Never be at a loss for the right tools to convey essential ideas with math-TeX and image support
  • Customize polls with options like anonymity, withholding results till the deadline, and disallowing late submissions
  • Plug participation data into your LMS and award extra credits using spreadsheet-based data exports
Quizzes to better understand students' grasp on a topic
  • Discover the true answer to “was that clear?” with realtime formative assessments that students love
  • Get data-based insights with comprehensive student-wise and question-wise analytics
  • Customize quizzes with scoring schemes, option- and question-sequence randomization and flexible post-deadline options
  • Out of the box support to insert math expressions and images in questions and answer options
  • Easily export the scores for each quiz, or a collated data sheet containing the scores for each student and quiz
Contextual Messaging tuned to the classroom
  • Simplify communication with Acadly’s instant messaging and social Q&A that works inside and outside the classroom
  • Engage effortlessly with context-aware chat, that keeps the relevant channel open next to every activity and makes “threads” obsolete
  • Initiate topical discussions anytime, anywhere; deliver updates instantly with push notifications
  • Attach files, images and math equations with math-TeX support built natively into the app and web platforms
  • Introduce twists in the tale with moderated anonymous queries and “contribute to read” options
Continue the engagement outside the classroom
  • Structure lectures with “pre-class” preparatory activities, lecture summaries and post-class student queries
  • Host all kinds of in-class activities outside the classroom too – quizzes, polls and discussions
  • Share learning content – videos, files, links or text – and measure engagement
  • Assign and grade descriptive homework with assignments that integrate with all cloud-based document editors
  • Announce course updates and get intelligent suggestions for automatic announcements for schedule changes
Analytics to get a detailed view of students' performance
  • Unravel data-based insights with Acadly’s 3P Learning Analytics that measure Preparation, Participation and Performance
  • Link Acadly to your LMS by exporting data into CSV spreadsheets
  • Measure lecture engagement with participation metrics like attempts, scores, attendance, and clicks on shared content
  • Measure student-wise communication metrics like number of queries initiated and number of discussions participated in

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