One tap automatic attendance solution

Track attendance in your classrooms, offices, events, and even outdoors using cellphones, without collecting any geolocation data

Automate attendance anywhere

Affordable and privacy-first solution
Replace roll calls - eliminate dishonesty and "proxy" attendance
Simplify daily employee attendance without installing hardware
Discover attendees’ interest in your conferences and event tracks
Simplify attendance in field trips, fire drills, or anywhere else

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Acadly Here helps you capture attendance using nothing but smartphones. It uses our proprietary mesh-network technology to do so, and does not access anyone’s geolocation, making it secure and privacy-first.

Quick and efficient

It takes Acadly Here only a couple of minutes to discover everyone in your proximity. All you need is for everyone to have internet access and the Acadly Here app on their phones. Open the app, tap a button, and relax.

Manual overrides

If you need to edit attendance statuses manually, we’ve got you covered. Mark attendees Present, Absent, Late, or Excused manually any time. Everyone gets notified about their status instantly.

Schedule sessions in advance

For recurring sessions or attendance timings, curate a timeline by adding your schedule to your group. And for ad-hoc sessions, just tap a button and get started instantly on the spot.


Get started with our free tier and pay as you scale. No hardware, installation cost, maintenance cost, hidden software cost, training cost, or variable cost. Transparent and affordable pricing that scales as per your needs.

Easy exports

Export data to Excel-compatible CSV files any time. Create reports for individual sessions or for all sessions in the group. Reports include attendees’ email addresses, names, sessions timings, and attendance statuses.

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